157 GSM Flyers and Brochures

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157GSM Coated Art Paper Price List

A4 Size
(210mm x 297mm)
A5 size
( 210mm x 148mm)
A6 Size
(148mm x 105mm)
4C x 0C
(One side Full Colour)
4C x 4C
(Two Sides Full Colour)
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100020004000S$ 128S$ 138
200040008000S$ 160S$ 178
3000600012000S$ 235S$ 260
4000800016000S$ 240S$ 298
50001000020000S$ 298S$ 328
60001200024000S$ 360S$ 378
70001400028000S$ 375S$ 428
80001600032000S$ 390S$ 478
90001800036000S$ 408S$ 530
100002000040000S$ 418S$ 560
150003000060000S$ 578S$ 698
200004000080000S$ 718S$ 850
2500050000100000S$ 918S$ 1078
3000060000120000S$ 1108S$ 1298
3500070000140000S$ 1278S$ 1490
4000080000160000S$ 1350S$ 1680
4500090000180000S$ 1430S$ 1748
50000100000200000S$ 1500S$ 1800

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