Bookmarks Specifications

Size: 50mm x 150mm (BM-B, BM-C, BM-D)
Size: 60mm x 170mm (BM-E)
Material: 310gsm Coated Art Card
Printing Colours: 4C x 4C
Finishing : Matt Lamination on both sides


Quantity Model BM-B Model BM-C Model BM-D Model BM-E Order Now
500pcs $80 $120 $130 $88
1000pcs $120 $160 $180 $130
2000pcs $160 $220 $240 $190
3000pcs $200 $280 $320 $250
5000pcs $280 $400 $440 $360

Bookmarks printing at affordable prices

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Bookmark printing is an active way to reach new customers as they are colorful and bright at the same time to make a long-lasting impression.Having your brand printed can catch the attention of clients. Bookmarks printing is considered a very reliable and effective strategy to go for advertising and marketing purposes. Print custom bookmarks and get them printed easily while having different available options.