L Shape Plastic Folders

L Shape Plastic Folders Specifications

Size: 310mm*220mm


Material Synthetic Paper 180 micron Frosted Plastic 200 micron Order Now
Quantity Price Price Order Now
50 100 119
100 138 177
200 263 332
300 374 478
400 471 609
500 554 727
600 623 831
700 678 931
800 720 997
900 779 1091
1000 831 1177

L shape plastic forlder

L Shape Plastic Folders printing at affordable prices

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L Shape Plastic Folders are able of holding a large number of papers and can be custom made as per the needs of the clients. L-Shape Files are available for printing to your requirements. Value Print L-Shape File Folders are the ideal way to store and organize your documents and files.
L-shape folder printing enables companies to organize and protect documents more professionally and attractively