Envelopes Specifications

Material:100gsm Uncoated Woodfree Paper


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EV4090NW – 229mm x 102mm$120$185$260$410$790
EV4090W – 229mm x 102mm$128$199$280$450$870
EV4286NW – 220mm x 110mm$120$188$265$420$800
EV4286W – 220mm x 110mm$133$215$303$480$930
EV4496NW – 248mm x 114mm$120$185$260$410$790
EV4496W – 248mm x 114mm$128$199$280$450$870
EV6390NW – 229mm x 162mm$155$255$365$590$1,140
EV7010NW – 254mm x 178mm$172$290$415$660$1,290
EV8011NW – 280mm x 204mm$205$350$510$820$1,600
EV9013NW – 324mm x 229mm$232$405$590$960$1,880
EV1015NW – 381mm x 254mm$250$430$628$1,020$2,000
IS4286NW – 220mm x 110mm$100$138$188$295$550
IS6390NW – 229mm x 162mm$118$180$250$398$760
IS9063NW – 229mm x 162mm$138$218$308$488$938
OP8642NW – 220mm x 110mm$125$195$270$430$830
OP8642W – 220mm x 110mm$133$215$303$480$930
OP6344NW – 162mm x 114mm$113$172$240$380$730
OP6344W – 162mm x 114mm$122$190$270$425$818

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